About the director…

My name is Olivia Frost and I am a 23 year old MA Wildlife Filmmaking student with a passion for wildlife and history.

As part of my course I am required to make a short self-funded 10 minute film on a subject of my choice – so I have decided to pick a theme that is very close to my heart.

Like many other children, I grew up reading Beatrix Potter’s beautiful books. The colourful characters and stunning drawings inspired my love of nature and captivated my imagination. However, it wasn’t until I began visiting the Lake District during childhood family holidays that I really began to understand what an inspiration Beatrix really was.

Although Beatrix is famous worldwide for her storytelling, nowhere near as many people are aware of her incredible efforts to support life in the Lake District. She invested all of her earnings into supporting local landscapes, wildlife and communities, preventing the beautiful Lake District from being pillaged and destroyed by wealthy developers. In contrast to the delicate feminine impression many have of Beatrix, I hope that my short film will reflect her as she truly was – a stout, good-humoured farmer and shrewd business women whose unique perspectives and efforts helped to preserve a breathtaking landscape that we still treasure today.

As a female trainee wildlife filmmaker, camerawoman and scientist myself (I have a BSc in Conservation Biology) it is my goal to create a film that really represents the struggles that Beatrix faced as a Victorian woman with an active passion for the natural world and to spread the word about her lesser-known accomplishments which she persevered to achieve on behalf of the lands that she loved.


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