The Lady of the Lakes

Nature conservation themed docu-drama about the life of Beatrix Potter


In a time where women were often told that they couldn’t, or that they shouldn’t, one woman did.

Beatrix Potter is a world renowned children’s author and illustrator, but often neglected are her remarkable accomplishments in the fields of science and conservation.

‘The Lady of the Lakes’ is a student short film that will introduce Beatrix and her profound relationship with nature, from her meticulous work in mycology, to her accomplishments in conservation, which enabled the protection of some of Britain’s most valuable landscapes which we still treasure to this day.

A strong woman who defied the social pressures of Victorian society, join me in exploring Beatrix’s story and discover how her lifelong passion for nature and The Lake District resulted in establishing her as one of the most forward thinking women and key British conservationists of her time.


The Lady of the Lakes Promo

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